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This wasn't your plan;

So let's make a new one.

Are you navigating the end of a long-term marriage?

This certainly wasn't what you expected when you said your vows all those years ago.

I will walk with you through the emotions and business details of your divorce and give you the tools to Grow With Dignity into the next phase of your life.


The only way out is through. You cannot truly understand the meaning of this until you live it. Your divorce will force you to live it. If you try to go around it, or hide from it, you won't move forward. To grow towards the light, you need to walk through the dark.



Do you need a Divorce Coach?

The end of a marriage is never what we expected when we said our vows. No matter the why, the reality is the same—it is hard and lonely, and your life feels out of your control. During your divorce, you will need to make a lot of important decisions at a time when you feel less confident than you probably have in years. 


As your Divorce Coach, I will be your advocate, your sounding board and your partner. I am trained to guide you through the process and help you make the best possible decisions for your future based on your interests, needs and concerns. I will be a thinking partner with you; I will listen to your story—without judgment—and together we will “walk down the path” beyond that story, into your future self. 


I will help you ask and answer important questions you need to consider. I will think with you and help you pivot from your story and grief to a positive, intelligent mindset that will allow you to make the important decisions you need to make.​ We will work together on the practical issues of the process—the so-called “business side” of divorce. I will help you get organized for the other professionals you will work with so you can focus solely on the business with them, and not your emotions and story. By showing up organized to your lawyer, mediator, and financial planners, you will be saving yourself time—and money.


I will give you tools to help you communicate with your ex-spouse and family members about your wants, and just as importantly, your “don’t wants.” If there are difficult conversations and issues to tackle, together we will think about how to approach them and what you hope to accomplish. 


As a yoga teacher, I can give you meditation, breathing, and yoga practices to help keep you grounded and strong. I will remind you when you need to take care of yourself. You will need all your mental and physical strength to take this walk. You need someone who will hear you, but not let you get paralyzed in your story. Someone to help you ask all the right questions at the right times and make the best decisions for yourself. 


I will be that someone. Not a friend, not a family member,

not a stranger in the line at the grocery store who you start

telling your story to (been there!). Rather, an advocate,

your sounding board—your Divorce Coach.


I will give you the confidence to know that you can

Grow With Dignity.

Let's Do The Work Together

I will work with you through all the phases of divorce:

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