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About Me


Hi There,

I am a recently retired attorney with a whole lot of life experience to share and a whole lot more to do!  I am a mother to three amazing humans, and had a successful legal career for over 30 years. For my second career, I help navigate people through a separation or divorce from a long-term marriage and give them the tools to grow into their new life.

I have experienced the unique challenges we face at this point in life when everything we thought we could count on is changed. The result of this change does not need to leave you depressed or regretful. Nor does it need to destroy your family. I can tell you it is possible to Grow With Dignity from the experience, and forge your new path.

The issues at this point in life are so very different than earlier in a marriage with younger families and careers. Even as a seasoned attorney who has helped many pro-bono clients and friends through their divorce, when it came to dealing with my own process, I was stuck. It was so difficult to move forward with confidence through all the business details and decisions that needed to be made.

The grief that you experience at this stage of life is unique and deep. I kept repeating to myself –and anyone who would listen – “This wasn’t the plan.” The idea that I had to make a new plan at this point, was overwhelming. I knew there had to be a better, more organized, and positive way to accomplish the uncoupling of a lifetime of memories and “things”.​


So, as part of my own recovery and transition, I trained to become a CDC Certified Divorce Coach® and CDC Divorce Transition and Recovery Coach®. I now have a myriad of tools to share with you that will help you through those details, decisions and grief. 

I will listen to you, work with you through decisions, organize you for the process and help you find your way down your next path.


Ready to get started on making a new plan?
Read more about available packages here. 

I will help you take strength from your roots of life

experiences to Grow With Dignity into your next phase.    



Fairfield University

- B.S. Biology

Quinnipiac University

– J.D. Law Degree


CDC Certified Divorce Coach®

CDC Divorce Transition and Recovery Coach®.

Baptiste Yoga Teacher (Spring 2022)


Divorce from

long-term marriages

Organizing your finances

for divorce

Building a team of

divorce professionals

Transition into your

new life after divorce


CDC College for

Divorce Coaching® 

Divorce Coaching Academy 

DC and CT Bars

Free Consultation

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